May 6, 2012

I am bad at this...

So clearly blogging is not my thing. Maybe I will take a whack at it now that I am done with hair school. So its been like 9 months since our last post, we could have had a child in that time! But we didn't. So anyways, in that 9 months our lives have changed a lot! We bought a house! A very cute one. We love it. We DONT love putting our yard in, and we haven't even started. I finished hair school! woot!! I now work in a Salon and am loving it. We adopted the most precious dog in the world! She is a 4 year old German short hair. We named her Lucy, but we call her goose most the time! She is so funny and has the quirkiest little personality. Justin has gone back to school as of the beginning of May! He is getting his MBA. Way to go smart babe of mine. Oh and our one year anniversary was back in March! We have been busy kids but have been loving our life together and with our little goose!

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