May 6, 2012

I am bad at this...

So clearly blogging is not my thing. Maybe I will take a whack at it now that I am done with hair school. So its been like 9 months since our last post, we could have had a child in that time! But we didn't. So anyways, in that 9 months our lives have changed a lot! We bought a house! A very cute one. We love it. We DONT love putting our yard in, and we haven't even started. I finished hair school! woot!! I now work in a Salon and am loving it. We adopted the most precious dog in the world! She is a 4 year old German short hair. We named her Lucy, but we call her goose most the time! She is so funny and has the quirkiest little personality. Justin has gone back to school as of the beginning of May! He is getting his MBA. Way to go smart babe of mine. Oh and our one year anniversary was back in March! We have been busy kids but have been loving our life together and with our little goose!

Jul 18, 2011

Here is to never being home!

So the last few weeks of our life has been crazy. First was our weekend in Twin Falls last weekend for a golf tournament that Justin was playing in with his brother! Me and my sis in law Steph just shopped and had fun in all the stores while they golfed there buns off. We drove up Friday, then back down Saturday. Sunday morning we directed our travels towards St. George, where Justin needed to go for work, so I tagged along! I was sick anyways so hanging out in the hotel room for two days while Justin was at work was a needed break. At night after he got off we went shopping and to dinner and swam in the pool! It was a lot of fun. We made the drive back up on Tuesday, and we had two nights in our own bed until Thursday when we stayed at my parents and watched the puppy Bella. She is so high maintenance! THEN on Friday after we both got off work we drove up to bear lake for the weekend to my family's cabin for the big Swenson/Hunter/Sorensen/Hess family reunion. We had tons of fun tubin behind the Uncle's boat and ridin around on the jet ski! And of course getting our Bear Lake sun burns. Now we will enjoy about two weeks of no driving/traveling until our next trip back up the cabin. Vacations are fun, but not back to back!

Jun 4, 2011

Come See Me!

So I am over halfway through cosmetology school now! Come and see me at the OWATC for some great prices on excellent services and to help me practice!

Men's Cuts-$4
Women's Cut & Style-$6
Coloring Services-Starting at $15 (usually about $20-$30, depends on what we do.)
Styles with pins-$8
Acrylic Nails-$10 for white only, $12 for color
Perms, shampoo sets, all that jazz!
Facial Waxing-$3

AND coming soon....Glitter toes!! (when I get my UV lamp I ordered online)

K see ya!

May 29, 2011

Weekend at the folks'!

So here is the first post of our blog! We were at a b-day partay for our good ol' sis-in-law Kerri today, and everyone was talking about their families blog, and by everyone I mean the wives. So I became motivated to create a blog for me and my husband! Its Memorial Day weekend and my parents went out of town to their family cabin in Bear Lake, so Justin and I are having the excellent privilege of doggy sitting their dog Bella! Technically she is my dog too. And yes she requires doggy sitting, but we don't mind it because she is the cutest ever! eh? eh?
So a little about our cute little family and what we are up to right now. Justin just graduated from Weber State with a degree in engineering technologies, and just got a job at Parker! Woot way to go babe! I am  currently attending cosmetology school at the ATC, and should be done around November or so, who knows. I work at my father's hair salon (cosmetology is in the fam) Salon Rox as the receptionist. I can't wait to be done with school so I can start building my career there! That's all for today folks, now lets hope I remember to post more than every 6 months.